Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MxMo Dairy: Any Hour Sour, Breakfast of Champions, and PnPBnJ on Rye

Once again it's time for Mixology Monday. The theme this year is Dizzy Dairy hosted over at eGullet. In this case dairy includes anything you'd find in the dairy case, so eggs, cheese, yogurt, etc are fair game.

At first I was not at all sure where to go with this theme since I've never before concocted a new libation with such ingredients, but after a little research and thinking about the couple drinks I have enjoyed that utilize egg white, inspiration struck. In fact, it struck thrice. I did stay away from the cheese and stuck to eggs and milk though.

I first began by thinking about the classic and excellent Pisco Sour, my current favorite egg white drink, and how I could turn that recipe on it's head. That led me to my first drink:

Any Hour Sour
Shake and double strain all but Peruvian bitters, add a dash or two of those to foam on top after straining into wine glass.
*These bitters go great on the pisco sour so I used them here just to tie the ideas together, you can get them over at Cocktail Kingdom. You can sub more angostura otherwise.

Continuing further along this line of thought, and after reading about how the Brandy Milk Punch can be transformed into a simplified egg nog in Dale DeGroff's The Essential Cocktail (recommended), I came up with this:

Breakfast of Champions
  • 2 oz Bacon-infused bourbon
  • 4 oz cereal-infused milk*
  • 1 whole large egg (~ 2 oz)
  • ¼ oz maple syrup
  • 2 dashes Fee’s Whiskey Barrel-aged bitters (2008) **
Dry shake, shake with ice, double strain.
Prob makes 2 servings but more satisfying to drop in entire egg.

*I stole the cereal-infused milk idea from Momofuku (soon to be released Momofuku cookbook here, I'm excited.) Don't know how they do it, but I steeped corn flakes in milk in the fridge for 45 minutes before straining through cheesecloth and that worked. Their recipe will be in the book I hear. Feel free to sub your favorite cereal. (UPDATE: just noticed that the name they use for the milk was apparently recently trademarked, perhaps due to it's inclusion in the upcoming cookbook, so I switched that term for the new descriptive one above, even though I made up the procedure and credited them with the concept, just to make sure to avoid running afoul of anything.)

**These bitters add a solid dose of cinnamon, you can sub angostura or even dust with cinnamon in a pinch.

This was the first time I've tried drink like a flip or a nog containing a whole egg, let alone made one, let alone from my own recipe. I was fully expecting an epic fail, but I do have to admit I was quite pleased with the results. Smooth, rich, and delicious. And no, I didn't have it for breakfast.

Don't know where I got the idea for this next one, just came to me when I remembered I had this bottle of Castries peanut creme liquor sitting untried in the fridge which I had bought on a lark just because I'd never seen it. I give you the PnPBnJ on Rye, aka Pecan and Peanut Butter and Jelly on Rye.

PnPBnJ on Rye
Shake and strain.

Very dessert-y, but fun, like a cross between a PBnJ and an admittedly adult milkshake. Fine, try Welch's grape if that's your thing.

P vs NP, heh, just read an interesting article about the current state of that problem. Damn, apperas to require registration now, sorry. HT: MR

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