Friday, October 23, 2009

Roomba Robot Vacuum:Pro and Con


You can schedule it to run everyday when you are at work, and it's really good at sucking up all the hair that your two dogs shed and otherwise spread everywhere when wrestling all the time. It's quite good at getting the hair before it gets knocked under the furniture and accumulates. It eats a surprising quantity of stuff every session.


The scheduling part isn't so great when you are an idiot guy who not only both thinks that the 6 month old puppy is well behaved enough to stay at home without being locked in the crate for an hour AND thinks that your wife's haircut takes only an hour because your haircuts take 10 minutes so how could they be that much longer AND leaves a tub of wasabi peas on the coffee table when you head to work only to be informed around lunchtime that your wife has returned from her haircut to discover the puppy has gotten into the wasabi peas and pooped on the floor and the Roomba dutifully followed it's schedule and proceeded to run over the poop before continuing on it's merry way spreading and swirling and smearing said poop all over both the floor and our now defenestrated rug. Emphasis on the smear and all over. So I do not recommend allowing that to happen.

Turns out the Roomba ate lots of the wasabi peas before the dogs got to them, so I guess chalk that up as a pro as well. (Actually more likely the dogs didn't in fact like the wasabi part I suppose, but the robot still cleaned 'em up.)

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