Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beer Cocktails at EMP's Beer Bash

My last post covered the overall event, here I'd like to quickly touch upon the beer six beer cocktails offered, or at least the four of them I tasted. He is the cocktail menu they were serving up:

I ordered the 'Old Fashioned' for myself, and sampled the Brooklyn Mule, Alagash Rose, and Blood and Saison. The Mule was most similar to its base drink, unsurprisingly since it simply subbed fresh ginger and beer for ginger beer. But it was a successful turn, with a pleasing strong bite form the fresh ginger:

My 'Old Fashioned' diverged more from its inspiration, but mostly in body. The flavor was instantly recognizable, but it was unintuitively lightened by the porter. I would not have been able to pick out porter, or beer at all, as the addition to the drink, but it made for a light mouth feel and a pleasant drink for the afternoon:

Pictured here along with my 'Old Fashioned' are the other two drinks I tasted:

Of the four drinks, the Blood and Saison was my favorite. Like the 'Old Fashioned', it reminded of the base drink but with a lighter hand. The flavors were all there, but much less scotch forward than a Blood and Sand. In fact, there was a strong smoky aroma from the scotch, but only a subtle flavor. Very well composed. I was paying too much attention to my sip of this drink to mentally note much about the Alagash Rose, but we all enjoyed it.
I had intended to go back and try the Ceylon Sophie, but the bar was packed and there were so many other things to try I never made it back to the bar. This was in no small part due to my friend turning my on to the Goose Island Sophie Farmhouse Ale, an ingredient in the Ceylon Sophie, and conveniently being poured outside where we spent the last part of the bash listening to The Crooners and drinking said ale.

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