Friday, September 16, 2011

Where to buy Nick&Nora Cocktail Glasses

NEW UPDATE (12/9/2011)
NEW (12/9/2011) UPDATE: Found a source (for different & better new glasses)! Short story: Rick comments below that you can buy Nick&Nora glasses Tabletop Style! Longer story with pics and info in new post: Verified Current Where to buy Nick&Nora Cocktail Glasses!

UPDATE: My sincere apologies, but a commenter has informed me that in fact Pour wines has not carried the glasses for a while, despite them showing up in their online store (although the link is broken, which I did not realize). It was quite a while ago when I got the glasses, but I put up the post now in response to some recent queries after I used the glass in pics in recent posts. Alas, I have no other info about the glasses or where else to get them, sorry. (There are no markings at all on the glass.) If anyone finds out anything else and lets me know, or if I discover more info I'll update the post. I think PDT (see '07 blog post) and Pegu Club ('08 video) still use them, I'll try to remember to ask about them next time I'm at either place. I did tell you they were hard to find, I guess the quest continues...

Want to know where to buy Nick&Nora glasses? You are not alone, as I've recently had several inquiries as to where to procure the Nick and Nora Martini glass I have used in several of my blog photos. (Yeah, yeah, I know the Nick & Nora Cocktail Glass is not a martini glass, but I've often seen it referred to in that manner, and the whole point of this post is to maybe make it easier for someone to find out how to purchase a Nick and Nora Cocktail Glass, and they might ask google about a Nick & Nora Martini glass. In fact, the site I'm about to reveal refers to it as NICK AND NORA MARTINI. Still hurts me to type it. But as you might notice I'm using different phrasing to describe the Nick and Nora glass in case that's how someone chooses to look for it.)

If you have searched far and wide for these glasses and your efforts remain stymied, I feel your pain, as I had been in the same situation. I googled and googled, trying every search term I could think of, but to no avail. I can get quite determined when searching for something, but this time, even I had to eventually give up. My search bore no fruit, other than finding others on a similar Quixotic quest as I. But lo, after regaling my wife with tales of woeful defeat at the hands of the googleplex, she valiantly took up the gauntlet and continued the battle anew. Of course, in no time at all, she found them. To this day I don't know how she found them, but as you can see, she did. Not only did she locate the Nick and Nora glasses online, but they were right there in Manhattan, at Pour Wines, on the Upper West Side. And for the cherry (olive?) on top, they delivered a half dozen to me the very next day. The victory (and the martini contained therein) never tasted so sweet.

Specifically, the Nick and Nora Cocktail Glasses can be found at the Pour website under Wine and Spirits Accessories under Wine Gifts in Pour's online store. I even stole the topmost picture from their website, but I hope they will forgive me since I'm presumably driving people to their site. For the record, I think my search failed because google doesn't know how to index the flash-or-whatever based web pages that pour uses, but the wife was able to do it, so what do I know.

Now I'm not saying these glasses are as awesome as an actual vintage glass would be, but they are still quite elegant, and nice to have several on hand for a cocktail party. Plus you can toss 'em in the dishwasher, which I'm loathe to do with my antique store finds. They hold 5 oz when filled all the way to the brim, which I find allows them to comfortably hold my typical pour with neither fear of spilling nor looking mostly empty.

Oh, if you are wondering from where the Nick and Nora Martini Glasses obtained their name, they are the namesake of the main characters in The Thin Man series of detective movies starting back in 1934. You can get a sense of how they might have deserved the honor from these clips:

Ok, that's all I got, hope it was helpful. Now go forth and imbibe. Me, I'm thirsty, I think I might just go make something to fill the Nick&Nora Cocktail Glass I just teased by filling with water to measure her capacity. Hope you enjoy your Nick & Nora Martini Glasses. Cheers!


  1. I wish that was true, but if you call Pour they will tell you they don't have them, and haven't for a while. Nor have the links on their website worked for at least a month. Do you by any chance know the manufacturer? And how long ago your wife found them? She sounds awesome, by the way. Lucky you.

  2. Crap, sorry about that. We got them over a year ago as I can see from the dates on some of my posts that have a pic of them, but I just put up the post recently because I got some inquiries from a recent post featuring the glass.
    I assumed that since they still showed up on the website that they still had them. Looks just the same as when we ordered them.
    Unfortunately I have no idea about the manufacturer, as there are no identifying clues anywhere on the glass.

    I guess Pour didn't know who they had previously gotten them from when you called?

  3. Pour says that the distributor from which they originally came has stopped carrying them. The owner said that he's trying to find another place to buy them, and that I should check back in November. (He also mentioned that for some reason they are not able to take the photo off the website, just disable the link.) I'll try to remember to comment again if they indeed get something similar back in stock. I'd love to hear what PDT or Pegu says when you ask them where they get the glasses. If you make it to either before I do please let us all know.

  4. Thanks for the info, I meant to call and ask but I'm allergic to the phone (ie lazy). I'm heading into the city tomorrow and hope to hit PDT, if so I'll comment with any new leads.

  5. No luck at Pegu Club, I was there last night and asked the bartender, but he didn't know where the bar got the glasses or who made them, though he speculated that they were made specially for the bar.
    The glasses they have now are also different than the ones I have, though they used to be the same. The ones they have now are a bit thicker and heavier, and the transition where the stem meets the bowl is now a gradual slope as opposed to a sharper angle.

    I wonder if they switched because the thicker glass on these makes them less fragile, or if mine are no longer made (or of course they might just like the new ones more).

  6. Tabletop Style, out of Pennsylvania, carries a 6-ounce Nick&Nora from Steelite International's Minners Classic Cocktail line. Reasonably priced at $6.25 each, it is very sturdy and cleanly made.

  7. Awesome, nice find, thanks! I just ordered a couple to check them out, they do look a bit more sturdy than the couple I currently have.

  8. Thanks Rick, I ordered some and they have come in, and they are indeed nice. Even better than the other ones. New post with some pics and info here


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