Monday, October 15, 2012

MxMo LXVI: Bein' Green - Hal Jordan cocktail

Continuing my series of posts for the "Bein' Green" themed Mixology Monday I'm hosting, here is a cocktail (optionally) using the rosemary-smoked green chartreuse I described in my previous post. This drink is a variation on a previous drink I made which I dubbed the Green Lantern Cocktail. A tweaked name befits a tweaked recipe, so this drink I shall call the Hal Jordan. The Hal Jordan uses the same ingredients as the Green Lantern, but shifts ½ oz away from the Aquavit to the Dolin Blanc to form an equal pats drink, as well as swapping in Mole bitters for the original Celery bitters, while still retaining a profile befitting an apéritif cocktail.
Hal Jordan
Stir and strain into DOF and garnish with Hal Jordan's ring fashioned from a slice of jalapeño.
I apologize for the out of round garnish, my peppers were all misfits.
I used Celery bitters in the Green Lantern because they pair nicely with the Aquavit, but here I've opted for the Mole bitters to focus more on the chartreuse, as chocolate and chartreuse always play nicely together. The mole makes this drink a bit richer, in contrast to the sharper focus bestowed by the slight bite of brighter celery bitters.
As for the question of whether to use rosemary-smoked chartreuse or the pure stuff straight from the bottle? I'm still undecided which is best. Or even if the smoked version is good. I think I need to try it several more times to wrap my head fully around. So until then, I'm sure I like the more straight-forward recipe, and as it seems unlikely that many people are going to try smoking rosemary, if the base recipe looks good give it a try. I'll update here if if figure out what I think of the smoked version after I give it a few more tries and it sinks in. Since I suspect I overdid the smoking, I'll try using mostly regular chartreuse and supplementing with a ¼-½ oz smoked.

UPDATE: I've finished the roundup post, check out all 37 contributors there; we got some great drinks!

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