Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MxMo LVII: Flores de Mayo – English Garden

Mixology Monday time again, and I'm running low on time so I'll keep this sort and sweet. This month's theme is Flores de Mayo, dubbed by Dave at The Barman Cometh. Dave declares:
The challenge is to feature a cocktail that highlights a floral flavor profile or includes a floral derived ingredient, whether home-made or off the shelf.  With the ever expanding catalogue of spirits (and the kitchen labs of home enthusiasts), there’s a whole host of directions for you to choose from – elderflower liqueur, creme de violette, chamomile infused gin, hibiscus grenadine, rosewater, lavender syrup – or to create.
Floral flavors can be delicate, so I didn't want to over think this one; I'm keeping it simple, but amping up the florals. Floral gin, floral vermouth, floral bitters, and floral garnish. The gin I chose is Bulldog, as it counts among its botanicals both poppy and lavender. I reached for Dolin Blanc vermouth, which, while I confess to not know what flavors it may use, it always brings floral thoughts to my mind upon tasting it. Then I grabbed the A.B. Smeby Nasturtium-Cumin Bitters for some mellow spice. I had initially hoped to garnish with fresh Nasturtium, bu failed to procure some in time. I therefore went scavenging in my garden and found some not quite fully bloomed chive blossoms, which in the end I think worked out quite well, with their peppery notes echoing the hint of spice from the nasturtium. Putting them all together, I give you the English Garden:
English Garden
Lightly muddle chive blossoms, then stir with other ingredients and strain, garnish with fresh chive blossom


  1. Hi there. Do you know where to buy the glass you've used for this delicious and pretty cocktail. Chive blossoms - great idea. But the glass - I must have it!

  2. That reminds me, I've had several inquires about those glasses, and they were quite hard to find. I've been meaning to post about finding them, but in the meantime, I got them from Pour Wines in Manhattan:

    Hope that helps.

  3. If you are curious for more, your inquired reminded me to finally post about the glasses:



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