Thursday, June 11, 2009

Google My Maps on the iPhone!


Sweet, someone figured it out!

This is great; thanks, rino!


  1. I was very surprised that neither Google or Apple decided to implement this important functionality. I just finished writing an app that enables viewing and navigating with your Google My Maps. Despite the few hurdles involved, the app is quite seamless and easy to use. More importantly all the html detail you painstakingly added in Google My Maps is visible. The maps are stored locally on your iPhone so they are quick to load. You can create routes between any/all of the locations that you select in your loaded Maps. The app is "My Maps" and here is a direct link (this will open the App Store in iTunes):

    Although this is a plug for my own app, I definitely think this will address all of your concerns and finally enable us all to use Google My Maps more natively on the iPhone. Thanks and happy mapping!

  2. Cool, I'll check it out. Saving locally and keeping the details sound great.

  3. My Maps works fine, but it's too tricky if you want to get directions to one of the spots on your personalized map.

    The best way, to me is this one (it visualizes all of your points within the Maps app):


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