Saturday, December 18, 2010

Humm Dog at PDT, get it while it's hot

The Humm Dog is back at PDT, but only for a limited engagement during December.  Last year, chef Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park crafted this special bacon-wrapped, deep-fried dog with celery relish, melted Gruyere cheese, and black truffle mayonnaise to appear on the menu alongside other distinguished wieners such as the Chang Dog and the Wylie Dog.  Its previous appearance was short lived, however, as the ingredient costs proved prohibitive and it was pulled from the menu.  I don't know if PDT got a deal on truffles, or are being generous for the holiday season, but it is back on offer for $6 through the start of the new year.  I didn't get to try one last time around, but I was not going to miss it this time.  So last week, I dropped in for a nightcap and to give the Humm Dog a try.  (I killed two birds with one stone by dragging my idiot friends who live around the corner to PDT for their first time as well; I'd been telling everyone about the pace for years.  They were sold and will return often.)
The Humm Dog was excellent, the hint of earthy truffle with some nice texture and mild acidity from the celery relish.  I think the Wylie Dog with it's deep fried mayo, shredded lettuce, and tomato molasses is still my favorite by a bit, but the Humm is close and would deserve a strong spot in the rotation if it were around all year.  Being a limited offering, it's the obvious choice right now.  Oh, and it goes without saying, but you can't go wrong with the cocktails.  The Paddington paired nicely.
I suspect that it is likely to make another appearance next year around this time, but it you don't want to gamble or just can't wait, get ye there in the next couple weeks.

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