Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No leads on Nick&Nora glass from Pegu Club

I previously blogged that I thought I had a source from which to buy Nick and Nora cocktail glasses, but it turned out I was wrong and my info was outdated and no longer useful. I'm still trying to track them down though, but I hit another dead end. I had no luck at Pegu Club; I was there last night and asked the bartender, but he didn't know where the bar got the glasses or who made them, though he speculated that they were made specially for the bar. So I got no leads on where to buy the Nick & Nora glass, but the drinks were still good.
Of possible interest however is that the glasses they have now are different than the ones I have, though they used to be the same. The ones they have now are a bit thicker and heavier, and the transition where the stem meets the bowl is now a gradual slope as opposed to a sharper angle.

Here is a shot of their current Nick&Nora glass:
This video shows the glasses I have being used at Pegu Club in 2008, with Audrey Saunders and David Wondrich talking about Pegu Club's Fitty Fitty cocktail.
I wonder if they switched because the thicker glass on these makes them less fragile, or if mine are no longer made. (Or of course they might just like the new ones more).

Funnily enough, I was drinking a Fitty-Fitty at the bar at Pegu club, and David Wondrich himself was sitting at the bar with Joe Fee of Fee Brothers. In fact, they were the only others sitting at the bar with me for a bit until others filed in and my friends joined me a few minutes later. I thought that was a notable coincidence. In any case, the quest continues...


  1. Have you inquired directly with Ms. Saunders?

  2. Nope, I have not seen her around the last couple times I've hit Pegu Club. I'll try to remember to ask next time I'm at the bar when she's present. Also PDT doesn't seem to use them anymore I think. At least I didn't see any drinks go out in them on Wed night.

  3. Update: A commenter on the previous post found a source, see my new post with pics and info here:


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