Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NFL Sunday Ticket without the dish for Manhattan!

Walking home from work today I saw an ad for DirecTV indicating I can now get NFL Sunday Ticket streamed over the Internet. What wonderful magic!

Now I can watch my beloved Bucs play every week in much better quality, as well as whatever other game my fantasy victory hinges on. This resolves the biggest deficit I found in our place, ie no southern exposure from which to point the dish at the sky.
I previously used a Slingbox that lives at my mom's house in Florida, which was pretty cool and got the job done, but it was temperamental and the quality was crap.
It's apparently filtered by zip so only works if you are in Manhattan, but outside here you are likely to be able to get the dish already.

I think it will work on the iPhone too.

Go Bucs!

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