Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pat LaFrieda burgers at Freshdirect

In addition to the soft shelled crabs, we had burgers at the BBQ for the main course. I was too lazy this time to grind my own, but I had wanted to try out the new Pat LaFrieda burger patties Freshdirect just started offering. They are supposed to be great, and obviously quite convenient. Plus, they are sealed in such a manner that they keep for weeks without freezing. They also offer three blends, one with short rib and brisket, same as I used for my own. This is not coincidental of course, since I researched what they use when picking cuts for my blend. The verdict was that they are indeed great burgers. Certainly better than any pre-formed burger I've previously tried. But the jury also mostly decided that my house groud ones were still far better. I even pulled from the freezer a few leftover patties I had formed from a recent meat grinding session and grilled them up for comparison, and they stood up remarkably well to their stint in the freezer, besting the other burgers in flavor and juiciness. So my advice is to still grind your own if you have the time, but I'll still probably use these from time to time when I'm not up to the grinding. They should prove especially useful to keep a package in the fridge for a surprise nice day or otherwise when a burger hankering sneaks up on me.

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