Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Amazon aStore

I've told you how much I love, right?  Well, I do.  I order everything I can from them, because it's easier and usually cheaper, and I even have a credit card that gives me extra money back from them.  But mostly I HATE standing in line at the nearest Duane Reade because they are unbelievable slow.  One block away from our apartment, and it feels like forever whenever I go in to pick up toothpaste; every time a little part of me dies.  So I now order toothpaste from Amazon.  Ok, end rant.
The point is, since I was recommending lots of stuff I bought there, I made this cool aStore thing, so if you're looking for some cookbook I refer to, or tool I use for making cocktails, or other random gadget, chances are I got it at Amazon and I may have put it in my aStore.  I'll embed one in this post, doesn't quite fit but you can scroll in it, or just go to this link.  (There's also a thing in the sidebar to the right.)  I've put some cookbooks, and kitchen gadgets, and other stuff in there.  It's far from comprehensive (ie no toothpaste), but generally if I order something I like, I'll try to put it in there if I think it may be of general interest.  It's true I get a kickback to use to buy more stuff from them, but I mostly did it because I think it's cool, and it's an easy way for me to go back if I want to pick up a second item I've gotten before.  Anyway, if you're in need of an xmas gift for someone, browse away.

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  1. so funny, I buy almost everything I purchase (aside from food) from Cheaper, easier, excellent service. I'd say 95% of my Christmas shopping was done at amazon in one credit transaction. What I don't buy on amazon, I buy at costco.

    I'm pretty sure UPS has rearranged their routes to accommodate my amazon habit.


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